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    Unsafe, poor quality cell phon

    Currently, the smart phone sells mobile phone users has brought huge demand for high capacity memory cards and batteries as well as other smart phone headset equipment , mobile phone accessories ma...

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    The effect of mobile phone cas

    Generally have leather, cloth, plastic and other materials, the specific role in addition to protecting the phone, and prevent slippery, radiation, conducive to carry, and so on. 1, protect mobile ...

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    Do you know phone cases how to

    With the popularity of mobile phones, mobile phones has become all too familiar set of things, but it can really protect your mobile phone?You know how to choose the phone sets again? 1. Silica ...

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    Mobile phone radiation for the

    Mobile phone has become people the necessary communication tools in people's life, but we also know that mobile phone radiation, so pregnant mother cell phone what harm?Pregnant mother what matters...

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    The choose and buy of seven cl

    Is now described as the rapid development of mobile phones , all major mobile phone manufacturers continue to introduce its new products to meet the changing needs of customers, but nowadays many t...

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    The spherical solar charger wa

    With the progress of science and technology, the use of solar energy resources has become a major research and development department's new "attack", however, although a lot of good to this new way...

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