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Shengo mobile frame process

Our strict accordance with ISO standards for product development and production , the following is our products, processes and operations explain.
1 die-casting
      Casting ( casting Note casting pressure is not short) is a metal casting process , which is characterized by using a mold cavity for the molten metal pressure is applied . The mold is usually processed with a higher strength alloy , this process is somewhat similar to the injection molding. Most are free of iron casting castings , such as zinc , copper , aluminum, magnesium, lead, tin and tin alloys, and alloys thereof. Depending on the type of die-casting , cold chamber die casting machines need to use or hot chamber die casting machine.
2 batches Feng
     Definition: mainly refers to the completion of work in progress after mechanical machining corners , edges and other parts , such as glitches , pointed , acute and so on.
As the project process is undesirable phenomena such as the causes . In actual production batch front will bring a lot of effects, such as poor appearance , serious batch front will cut , pierce other objects.
Generally by scraping , sanding , polishing, grinding , etc. removal .
casting process : aging fit the mold is bad clearance .
Metal Machining: external force is uneven, uneven cuts .
injection molding : outlet bit left over .
3 . Polishing
     Using mechanical polishing or chemical processes to reduce the surface roughness . Polishing technology is mainly used in the precision mechanics and optics industries. Smooth polished surface having a good reflection effect .
4 . Plating
     The principle is to use an electrolytic plating will be covered with a layer of conductive metal approach. In addition to the conductive plating through the plastic can be used for special handling . Electroplating process substantially as follows : Plating appearance after plating the object size and the relationship of current density , the current density within the operable range , the smaller the current density , the object to be plated will be more beautiful ; Otherwise it will be some unevenness shape. Refers to the current density on a certain area of the current distribution , the current density used in amperes per square decimeter [ASD] and amps per square foot [ASF]. In general, the acidic electroplating bath , the cathode can be dissolved plating metal corrosion , when the current density is too small ( less than 5ASF time ) , due to the dissolution of the acid bath , and a plating metal loose rendered matte appearance.
5. Paint
      Paint : a primer on the base hit three times , four times topcoat paint each on again , are sent to clean the barn constant temperature drying .
6.UV vacuum plating coating
      UV vacuum plating coating is developed on the basis of plastic coatings in the UV A new UV-curable coatings . With plastic decoration technology development , a plastic products, metal decorative techniques consequent , it is the use of plastic substrates after priming , vacuum plating or sputtering , coating a metal thin film layer, and then coated finish made . After the plastic surface coating , fully sparkling metallic luster , showing a noble and magnificent metal quality , do not see is plastic. Metalized plastic decoration can not only save a lot of precious metal materials, but also greatly reduces the quality of the products , in recent years, cosmetic bottles and boxes , car headlights , bottle packaging caps , cell phone plastic buttons , watches shell manufacturing gained wide acceptance and application .
7 . Tapping
     Tapping machine is a processing thread on the inner surface of the housing parts , the end face of the device , the nut , flange and other through holes or blind holes having different aperture sizes of the parts , called the dental screw or buckle mechanical processing equipment. Tapping machine , also known as tapping machine , thread tapping machine , thread tapping machine, automatic tapping machines.
8. Melt
     Connection principle is to melt the two mating surfaces of PE pipe is heated up close to the heating means of its flat end faces until molten , the heating tool is removed , the two end faces abutting melted together under pressure to maintain the to the joint cooling, the two pipe connecting operation as a whole .
     Packaging to protect the product during distribution , easy storage and transportation, to promote sales , the overall name of the vessel , materials and auxiliary materials such as certain technical methods used ; also refers to achieve the above objective in the use of container , materials and auxiliary certain technical methods applied in operational activities in the process of composition .

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