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Unsafe, poor quality cell phone accessories black breed underground industry profits

Currently, the smart phone sells mobile phone users has brought huge demand for high capacity memory cards and batteries as well as other smart phone headset equipment , mobile phone accessories market thus extremely strong . However, the market is flooded with counterfeit accessories for safe consumption , industrial chain development lay hidden.
      Sampling conditions highlight the industry chaos
      For an emerging area of operations is not yet fully standardized , market matures behind the gray side also will emerge . Mobile phone accessories market that is so.
      According to " China Sankei Shimbun " reported from the Trade and Industry Bureau of Guangdong Province , Guangdong market in the sale of 95% of substandard mobile phone charger , cell phone batteries have 50% failed. It is reported that Guangdong Provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau of the spot checks , including 38 sales units , 60 sets of samples 46 production enterprises , the results show that 3 qualified, 57 models failed, a failure rate as high as 95 %. The " serious failure " paragraph 46 " serious failure " 11 .
      It is understood that the current domestic market of mobile phone accessories , in addition to the traditional sense of mobile phone batteries , headphones , and more protective cover such as mobile phones , mobile phone screen protector , and some daily use facilities are also beginning to flourish , even many vendors have or are as popular as iPhone 4 mobile phone accessories , such as a series of tailor-made . But in the entire industry , while a more three-dimensional , mobile phone accessories market more " shady " constantly " see the light ." To sum up , most of the existence of the phenomenon of the following four areas:
First, the accessories market parallel , high imitation , copycat products are too spread, is to confuse a " deep water ." On the one hand is not conducive to the establishment of its own brand , on the other hand also upset the domestic market and become dead industry and related industrial development. Second, too much emphasis on the appearance of the product , the product itself while ignoring the material and practicality , as well as the appearance of rational design , resulting in some of the products , " flashy " , but useless . Third, the development of processing industries and OEM -based, lacking independent research . Fourth, the mobile phone accessories market, the lack of effective supervision and appropriate regulations, as one of the reasons for the current chaos in the mobile phone accessories market .
      Worrying security risks
      From feature phones to smartphones, consumer demand for mobile devices increasingly personalized, diversified . Accordingly , consumers of mobile phone accessories also have some new understanding of the past, many consumers are only concerned about cell phone battery capacity , at the time of purchase often choose durable , impact and other models and brands , and now , more and more consumers began to be interested in the security and stability of mobile phone batteries , while some of the accessories design , materials and other materials has also become a factor in consumer key consideration .
The beauty
However, this psychological needs are often "success" of some behind . Currently , a variety of exquisite appearance mobile phone accessories products flooding the market , a mixed bag. Among them, many of them have a lot of fake and shoddy products, borrow to meet the needs of different consumer groups in the name of the real line fraud for profit . This is not only conducive to the development of the industry, more consumer safety lay hidden.
      According to " Taizhou Daily" reported that people experience Yip Cry scene : He fell from the car brand mobile phones , mobile phone battery thrown out the results rolled under the vehicle until Yip being swept out with sticks , academics " bang" bang , the battery suddenly exploded, the energy released goes as far as Mr Yip hatchback sedan slight vibration . " Some burned black around the explosion , and the ground leaving a significant external shocks by the scratches ." Yip said so.
     Before the media reported that a worker at the factory job , because the phone installed in his chest pocket suddenly exploded and died. The investigation is due to mobile phone battery exploded at high temperatures, broken rib punctured heart bombing killed .
      Together since the event occurred , always hurt consumers, so that innocent victims complain incessantly . Insiders said that the cottage out of batteries, chargers and other accessories are not only high performance , but mostly there are security risks , it is prone to explode. In addition, once there is no production date, address, and quality certification , which belongs to the "three non-product" , while experiencing quality issues , but also suffered rights problems.
      Underground chain surfaced , when the unspoken rules broken ?
      Why mobile phone accessories market chaos ? Why always hurt the consumers ? Due to the large interest of the market is actually behind at work.
      On the one hand , thanks to smart phones heyday , some edge products such as mobile phone protective cover , film, memory cards and other accessories sales have steadily increased , and showed the potential outbreak .
      It is estimated that in 2015 mobile phone accessories aftermarket revenue is expected to be over 50 billion U.S. dollars , an annual growth rate of 11.4% . As early as in 2009 , the global mobile phone accessories ( removal of part of the box that contains the phone ) had revenues of up to $ 26.5 billion . According to the " Nanfang Dushi Bao" reported that domestic mobile phone accessories industry average gross margin of 50% , much higher than most of the domestic mobile phone terminals, and high low-end products has its own market .
      On the other hand , mobile phone accessories is full of opportunities and highly profitable industry , with manufacturers of mobile phone accessories , more and more improvements in technology and fierce competition makes getting lower and lower the cost of these accessories , such as the purchase price of 3 yuan and price of 30 yuan and other such high-priced products become a source of low-quality counterfeit mobile phone accessories products. In particular, the market salivating underground industry chain , spoiler ever .
      According to insiders , the market is currently flooded with counterfeit mobile phone accessories profits are more than two. Regular mobile phone accessories manufacturers, only about 10% of profits .
      According to " Information Times " reported that there are now many manufacturers are known as iPhone protective shell for some foreign brand OEM own or franchise "foreign orders," but the wholesale price is often no more than 40 yuan / month , while the manufacturers label retail market prices are generally more than 150 yuan . Also, many factories are not really for certain brand OEM , its sold , but only imitation goods Bale version . In some of the shop , the wholesale price of less than ten million mobile phone protective shell to sell hundreds of dollars more expensive .
      In addition, oversight , regulation is not perfect, consumer awareness is not enough other reasons also produced mobile phone accessories market chaos .
      In the case of the overall situation is excellent , the mobile phone market are still many details that need improvement, mobile phone accessories market is one of the weakest link , the slightest mistake will hurt the development of the whole industry chain. Therefore , cut off the underground industry chain , the relevant departments need to strengthen market management and supervision ; informal vendors respond to counterfeit mobile phone accessories to increase the anti-counterfeiting efforts to prevent counterfeiting ; while consumers need to be more careful eye should also be a more rational choice accessories products.

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