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The effect of mobile phone cases

      Generally have leather, cloth, plastic and other materials, the specific role in addition to protecting the phone, and prevent slippery, radiation, conducive to carry, and so on.

1, protect mobile phone, in case of hard in the phone's screen or leave scratches on the fuselage.

2, cell phone sets can be printed on all sorts of design and color, have the effect of beauty!

3, the silicone sleeve can prevent nails long time contact with key scratched, worn, have the effect of the protective screen and buttons;

4, silica gel sets have prevent slippery effect;

5, apple phone sets, but also has enhanced the role of the signal, because some mobile phone shell is formed after contact with the metal magnetic field interfere with cell phone signals, to mobile phones put on insulation sleeve, can enhance the signal.

6, strengthen the service life of the mobile phone.
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