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Do you know phone cases how to choose?

With the popularity of mobile phones, mobile phones has become all too familiar set of things, but it can really protect your mobile phone?You know how to choose the phone sets again?
     1. Silica gel set It is soft, feel is a little slippery, can absorb some knock against on the impact of the mobile phone, so as to reduce the damage to the phone.In addition, the silicone set of waterproof properties is good, but there are still shortcomings, due to poor permeability, wear will lead to cell phone fuselage be hot for a long time.Especially some calorific value very high smartphones, more users are using is not recommended.And silica gel sets this body has slight viscosity, use after a period of time will be gathered a large amount of dust adsorption on a mobile phone, in the long run, it is bad for mobile phones and beautiful, and protect the intention of the phone.
     2. The holster The advantage of portable holster is chic, elegant, don't wear mobile phones, good heat dissipation, but I don't like the silicone set can waterproof ache, at the same time holster if too large it will be difficult to put into his pockets, remaining up somewhat inconvenient to carry.Relative to the style of a single set of silicon, the workplace of business people prefer to use easy and decent holster, and respect for the young people of leisure, holding a mobile phone appearance color single is one's for them.
     3. Crystal shell silica gel sets and holster each has his strong point, also have deficiencies, to realize comprehensive protection, another kind of phone cases arises at the historic moment.This is highly women like crystal shell.It is made by organic glass, look thick solid, shell body glittering and translucent get rid of.Can not only effectively protect the cell phone, but also affect the appearance, not long silica gel set with a holster.Crystal shell, of course, also have disadvantages, because it goes with mobile phone has certain hardness, so both will inevitably produce friction, especially in the corner of the phone, the four parts of the mobile phone usually wear are the worst.
     4. Water set It is crystal shell and silica gel set mix, belongs to a kind of made of transparent silicone soft hard moderate bumpers, and because transparent like a crystal shell, so named after water.The disadvantages of silica gel set is to use a long time, set the body and the body to avoid "inseparable", sometimes have to keep the cell phone "fly out of the net" through a gas;Water sleeve is not easy to loose, flat and suitable size, can say with the silica gel sets and crystal shell, the advantages of both at the same time, in order to beautiful appearance, water set usually printed on the back of exquisite decorative pattern, no longer like silica gel sets and crystal shell color dull.Is currently one of the more perfect the protection of the goods.
      Summer best set off your mobile phone charging, under normal circumstances there is no danger.But remove the mobile phone's case, as far as possible when recommend charging conducive to mobile phone heat dissipation and prolong the service life of the cell phone.

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