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Mobile phone radiation for the pregnant woman

Mobile phone has become people the necessary communication tools in people's life, but we also know that mobile phone radiation, so pregnant mother cell phone what harm?Pregnant mother what matters should be paid attention to the use of mobile phones? 
      Mobile phone to pregnant women what harm is there? 
      Phone send powerful microwave antenna can accept, generated sixty percent of energy can be absorbed by the human brain tissue.The human brain, eyes, reproductive system is the most sensitive parts of microwave radiation, other can affect the health of human body is mainly the influence of long, slow. 
      There are data demonstrate that electromagnetic radiation of mobile phone serious with teratogenic effects on the fetus, especially the first three months of pregnancy, pregnant women to be careful with the phone.If it is in embryo formation, exposure to electromagnetic radiation, could lead to abortion;If it is in organ formation,developing organ may produce deformity;In fetal development of the central nervous system injury, if by radiation, may lead to mental retardation.Mobile phones can also cause the endocrine disorder, postpartum and cell phone radiation will affect lactation. 
      So, doctors think that the first three months of pregnancy, also is the early weeks of pregnancy, affected by the radiation risk is much bigger than in pregnancy, the risk of late.Therefore, in order to the healthy development of the baby, to avoid any damage it, therefore, should reduce the use of mobile phones in the early stages of pregnancy time.

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