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The choose and buy of seven classes of mobile phone accessories strategy

Is now described as the rapid development of mobile phones , all major mobile phone manufacturers continue to introduce its new products to meet the changing needs of customers, but nowadays many types of mobile phones , we will inevitably be some EYE in the choice , the choice of mobile phones we want according to their own needs to choose the right mobile phone , such as you are biased towards music, camera , business function , or you are favorite candy bar , clamshell , slide style, but also a measure of how much money you can spend when buying a cell phone , so we can better choose the higher cost of the phone.
      I believe that the appearance of the phone choice , we have some experience, the phone's appearance and function since we can guarantee that there is no problem , but the mobile phone accessories are also very important in our daily use of mobile phones during inseparable from these parts . In terms of licensed mobile phone accessories , of course, impossible to tune the package to consumers , and some original parts parallel distributors will tune package to reap high profits , if it is counterfeit mobile phone accessories , more or less interested in the use of mobile phones cause certain adverse effects , so we test and post on accessories mobile phone accessories need to purchase additional aspects should be careful . Here, Xiao Bian will share some ideas optional accessories to everyone, I hope everyone in the test and post- buy mobile phone accessories while some help.

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In fact, for mobile phone accessories , is nothing more than our standard configuration and use or other mobile phone accessories machine when playing late into when buying the phone . If these accessories category, the following categories :
1 , Batteries : Batteries are often put up to everyone to the current configuration of all aspects of the phone's features , such as the screen , the vast majority of mobile phones in the purchase , the standard configuration is a battery, which obviously can not meet our needs.
2 , Chargers : including travel charger ( direct charge ) , charger ( universal charge ) , mobile charger ( such as Motorola P790, 5 alkaline batteries or NiMH rechargeable battery emergency charger ) , car charger .
3 , headphone categories: standard headphone which has generally , but for those who want to pursue a music player better friends , you need to buy more professional headphones, such as Sennheiser, Shure , etc. ( limited support for standard 3.5 phone or have a 3.5mm headphone adapter cable interface handset mm diameter ) . LCD remote control or ordinary phone wire and so on.
4 , data transmission categories: including data lines ( there are usually standard , but like the Samsung Brush , Brush line purchased separately ) , synchronization cradle , memory cards , card readers , infrared adapter, Bluetooth adapter. For these things we usually download ringtones , images , software, etc. are essential.
5 , Bluetooth categories: Most of our friends said means Bluetooth Bluetooth headsets are , in general , support for Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone can connect a Bluetooth headset on convenience and receive calls , but there are exceptions , such as the NEC. In addition , the phone's Bluetooth products more than that, such as a Bluetooth GPS module, Bluetooth keyboard, Bluetooth Watches , Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth Media Center.
6 , protection and beautification categories: including mobile phone screen film , all kinds of mobile phone sets, mobile phone lanyard , casing, keyboard and various stickers or stickers drilling , etc. These gadgets are often loved by the girls , but for male friends , phone accessories daily protection is still necessary inputs.
7 , Entertainment extension class : We all know that Sony Ericsson's entertainment accessories are very much extended , as early as Ericsson is one such time , in fact, extended class entertainment with Sony Ericsson mobile phone accessories on most , relatively few other mobile phone brands. Include , phone external camera , external flash , portable speaker ( small external speakers and an external speaker ) , car handsfree devices.
      Due to the growing number of mobile phone accessories , many of my friends in the purchase of these phones will have a certain blind accessories , mobile phone accessories with the purchase of fact, we use frequency in everyday life are closely related , because the vast majority of mobile phone accessories price is not cheap , that is when we plan to buy a mobile phone , it is necessary to consider the latter to purchase other additional accessories costs , then some friends to ask, what cell phone accessories must be invested ? mobile phone accessories how to choose? how do I identify buy the cell phone accessories are original ? below leaves on some of the points to buy mobile phone accessories when to others.

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[ 1 ,on Genuine Parts] 
      Most of the friends in the use of mobile phones, accessories for the latter investment is not much, but more than just buying a piece or pieces of larger capacity battery and a memory card or card reader , we use more or cell phone equipped with original accessories, and licensed accessories are genuine original parts, we do not need to doubt , but there are some dealers demolition of part of the original accessories sold separately , or as a free gift to let us think earned it, demolished the after packing accessories is part of the so-called simplified distribution . For parallel phone accessories, we have to be careful when buying a parallel phone , because some dealers may be parallel to your phone is not a problem , they will be raised in the accessory package , and replaced with high imitation parts, but high imitation after all, is not the original , even if the fine would not do the same with the original parts . Mainstream and parallel phone because there are some differences in the standard configuration , before we buy a mobile phone , go to the forum to see the relevant parts of the original image , or if you are close friends also bought this mobile phone licensed, we there was some reference , so when buying parallel phone , you can accurately identify the phone's accessories if there are problems .
[ 2 , buy batteries]
      After we buy the phone , and then put the battery is almost inevitable , then the battery of choice we will be more cautious , especially when we often buy licensed mobile phone , promotional or dealers will add money to buy gifts in the form of we provide a battery , this battery is brand assembled some batteries, some are hybrid brand of batteries, leaves the dealer to suggest that you should first optimistic brand of batteries in use , if it is a hybrid brand of batteries do not often use only when do the occasional use of emergency because of the battery packs are often not what the real brand battery , which is a hybrid brand of batteries, battery quality is not so good , when you use the standby is not ideal , may also cause some phone injury. Packs dealers are generally complimentary , we do not value money when buying , unless you provide is the original battery , we need money to buy. We all know that the original battery price is not cheap , especially as Sony Ericsson, HTC and other branded original batteries , a battery must be hundreds, although the original battery quality is good, but the leaves think omit this input , we can buy brand batteries , like the Scud , or Hony , the quality of these two batteries can be guaranteed, and when used can be comparable with the original battery . Moreover , the battery in use, the best two batteries can be used interchangeably, so you can extend the battery life.

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[ 3 ,using the charger] 
      Use on the charger , the leaves suggest that you have to use the original travel charger or original charger , travel charger and general original original Charger has overcurrent protection , long charging time will not have an impact on mobile phones and batteries, for assembly the cradle , we do not charge for too long while charging , because there is no overcurrent protection charger for a long time to charge the battery , the battery charge will quickly drums, another cell phone batteries should not be discarded in time to avoid danger . The universal charge, not a last resort when you do not use , frequent use of the universal charge for mobile phone battery, the battery will cause adverse consequences , resulting in an explosion . In fact, when charging the phone , the leaves do not recommend you to charge the phone all night , usually 4-5 hours phone completely charged, and the affected current and voltage , voltage instability is likely to cause damage to the charger and the phone.
[ 4 , select the memory card and card reader ]
      For the increasingly powerful multimedia capabilities of mobile phones , we have the storage capacity requirements are increasing, while the phone 's memory card standard configuration provides the capacity , enough for most users to use , when to buy a memory card has become inevitable , but currently many kinds of memory cards , memory cards and counterfeit famous brands are also numerous, although the price is cheap, but fake memory cards used in the damage probability is very high, if there are important data in the memory card , so , while the memory card is damaged , important data can be seen. Leaves suggest that you buy a memory card to choose Sandick, Kingmax, Kingston memory card , and when to buy, do not choose a pat Taobao such individual or the individual 's network platform to buy , but if the dealer place to buy it, the price is also higher , although in computer City will be cheaper , but there are still problems of fake leaves recommend the city to buy a memory card in the computer , to pay attention to the 5-year warranty issues , and remember to ask for a receipt to the dealer computer City , there problems can be promptly replaced ; , or find a large purchase on the web site , such as " Jingdong Mall" , cheap , and quality assurance . For the reader 's choice leaves suggest that you buy Biao Wang reader .
[ Select 5 , Bluetooth headset ]
      For many of my friends choose Bluetooth headsets are relatively blind , although in theory, as long as the phone supports Bluetooth , and can connect a Bluetooth headset , Bluetooth headset for the brand and model is no brand restrictions , but the leaves think , what brand of mobile phones the best is to configure the same brand of Bluetooth headset , such as Nokia 's best phones Nokia Bluetooth headset , etc. , so as to perfectly blend with their phones .
      For Bluetooth headset brand choice , the leaves in the above mentioned what brand of mobile phones with the best selection of brand Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth headsets , but because of the high prices of big brands , you can also choose some of the more economical brands of Bluetooth headsets, such as Jabra , I Tech, Bluetooth headset quality of these two brands are good, and looks relatively stylish. If everyone's economic capacity is strong, you can also choose Plantronics such as high-end brands , can support two mobile devices , so you can correct phone and listen to music via a PC or MP3 .
      Tip : when you buy a Bluetooth headset , first make sure your phone supports A2DP Bluetooth stereo protocol, if not support , then we buy a Bluetooth headset , you do not choose a stereo Bluetooth headset ; Conversely, if your phone supports Bluetooth stereo A2DP protocol , when choosing a Bluetooth headset , you take account of the Bluetooth stereo headphones , so that we can enjoy the music through a Bluetooth headset. But some smart phones, such as Plam Treo 650, originally did not support Bluetooth stereo protocol , but can be implemented in software, ie , Plam Treo 650 can be a virtual software , enabling Bluetooth stereo protocol.
[ 6, select Bluetooth GPS Module ]
      First, be clear that the Bluetooth GPS module , one must first Bluetooth-enabled cell phone , two Bluetooth GPS module is generally used with smart phones , all mobile phone main navigation GSP , GSP mostly from the built-in modules , and some do not support navigation smartphone , we can achieve with GPS navigation software modules, such as the Nokia E61, you can install the navigation software and maps R66 Bluetooth GPS module connected via Bluetooth to a navigation function ; Again Dopod S1, we can install the intercity , Kay , spiritual figure Skywalker and other navigation software and maps by connecting a Bluetooth GPS module for navigation functions, the navigation accuracy rate is very high . For select Bluetooth GPS module , we can consider the Nokia LD-3W, such as going to choose some of the economy , may wish to consider GSP RoyalTek Bluetooth module is also very good.

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[ 7, mobile phone sets and accessories selection points ]
      Phone buy back, the first thing many of my friends do is for their own cell phone screen film , which can well protect your phone screen , especially handwritten phone , stylus prolonged friction with the screen , if not foil, wear flowers screen handwriting recognition will lead to lower rates , either handwritten or an ordinary mobile phone handsets film , we do not choose to stick the phone screen film , be sure to choose three of static film, especially the handwritten phone, if not posted the film, a phenomenon often occurs when broken pen handwriting .
I believe many of my friends for their phones are very good care of the phone in order to prevent friction relative to other hard objects , we will buy mobile phone sets to protect , so the leaves do not recommend the use of silicone case and crystal case to protect the phone button on the phone Although these two mobile phone sets can protect your phone , but the cooling effect on the cell phone is not good, especially when the time to call or charging , the phone will emit a lot of heat , if the time we use silicone sleeve and crystal phone shell prevents heat , the phone can not be a good heat, the use of life will be reduced. Leaves recommend you can choose the original leather and velvet cloth cover to protect the surface of the phone .
      For girls , often in the phone and hung a beautiful phone chain with diamond paste and some stickers for mobile phone chain, leaves suggest that you try not to choose metal ornaments , because often collide with the phone , it will inevitably produce scratches best when choosing ornaments , pick some soft plastic or hand rope like ornaments, more efficient enough to keep the aesthetic appearance of the phone . In the choice of mobile phone shell , the leaves recommend that you buy the original cell phone case, cell phone case although the market is very beautiful, but there are deviations in workmanship and size, when the regular replacement of non- original case , it is easy for the mobile phone casing damage the leaves once a Kehuanwaiqiao phone , because non-original casing mounted on the shell caused damage .
[ 8 , extended selection of accessories for entertainment ]
      Entertainment extension class cell phone accessories for most of my friends are not considered within the scope of , and some friends playing machine , its appeal is quite large, you can select the desired kind of accessories , such as an external flash , because it is a xenon flash , such as with the Sony Ericsson W800 or W810 phone, I believe its effect will be surprised at night shooting ; Another example is a portable Bluetooth speaker , when we usually enjoy the music , you can connect a portable speakers or portable speakers, the effect of putting will be better. Rational use of extension class entertainment accessories to enhance certain properties can be a good phone , but also can make you the envy of her friends .

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