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Shengo - a small and medium-sized enterprise brand road

      We have never denied that dominate the market is the biggest weight and grow a successful business , but we believe that the occupation and successful people to equate . Brand is the soul , the marketing is the root . So, between the brand and marketing companies have chosen wisely plastic soul first , then keep roots. And their plastic soul journey , neither brand switching , nor is rebranding , but rediscover the brand DNA.
First, with regard to the mission era filled fruit
      It is in every cell phone accessories industry veteran of people are thinking about the question - what is the mission of mobile phone accessories ?
      Sheng fruit Times Technology Co., Ltd. is among a large number of SMEs in Shenzhen , the original and humble , do not be too optimistic about the industry . But a few years its performance in the market to let people see its ambitions , but also saw its courage.
      In the era of the internal fruit Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. circulating this statement : " capitalized companies have capitalized spirit ! " Capital "is broad-minded , lofty vision, the will to explore , inclusive feelings, like dedication . a country , to stand at the summit of the world's peoples , revered by the people of the world , then this country must have a capital of national dignity . Similarly, a business, to become a market leader and victorious generals in the fierce competition and stand not defeat of the land, must also have this " capital " spirit of enterprise , so the spirit of enterprise , in a nutshell , is a maverick brand philosophy, brand culture , which is the soul of business .
      So, mobile phone accessories 's mission lies in heritage culture , to show the spirit of enterprise , the spread of corporate philosophy ! We firmly believe that - soul elements into the enterprise mobile phone accessories , have value and vitality.
Second, getting to the bottom for a popular
      The mission of the mobile phone accessories , we come out of the second question - Fruit Times Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. Mobile phone accessories industry popular border Why ?
      In modern marketing activities , any marketing elements are by no means isolated, each element is an integral part of the overall system . Especially celebrations, conference marketing, even more so. Mobile phone accessories are celebrations and conferences marketing best embody the characteristics of the enterprises , the status of the enterprise industry sectors , but also fully demonstrate the effectiveness of the dissemination of corporate philosophy of most carriers .盛果品牌
Companies need such a mobile phone accessories - elegant, stylish , sophisticated , portable , nostalgia , economy, with the celebration theme of the conference maintain a high degree of consistency , and style celebrations, meetings complementary clearly reflect the purpose of dissemination activities , but they can not be too blunt and assertive , not because of intense commercial, advertising mean resentment caused by the guests .
      How to make the perfect mobile phone accessories planning program ? Companies need to achieve this goal - three-dimensional, comprehensive, maximize the corporate culture , corporate philosophy and even the spread of its products to the guests and their friends and family, everyone around them , companies need such an effect - sneaked into the night wind , moisten things silently .
      So, Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. Mobile borders fruit era is how to stand out ?
Third, the capital of the strategy : brand road
      Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a fruit of the times " industry specializing in surgery ," the very persistent enterprise , specializing in , loyal to engage only in mobile phone border R & D, production, sales and engineering services . Never on the market for all kinds of temptations and scattered money, manpower and effort , like love , like fruit Times Technology Co., Ltd. Sheng absolute empathy and loyalty, never play fast and loose , fickle ! This has been the era of Shenzhen Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. fruit products , portable, stylish, sophisticated , minimalist modern technology integration beauty, warmth and harmony Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. Mobile fruit era borders .
      As a brand , Sheng fruit Times Technology Co., Ltd. and other mobile phone manufacturers borders largest segment, is reflected in the responsibility.
      Establish alliances with partners in the interests of sustainable development , advocacy marketing consultant , to achieve cooperation upgrade and continue to seek a meeting point with customers ; innovation, the pursuit of high-value innovative path technology, content and marketing , consumer demand responsibility ; realistic for the heart , do not blindly follow the trend comparisons , always put the responsibility of the industry and the intentions of services to customers as their first task ; consumers, partners , and employees, they are water , fruit Times Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a boat, water can carry the boat can cover boat, filled with fruit Times Technology Co., Ltd. to provide customers with quality and value cultural pleasant shopping experience , loyalty and credibility to deliver sustainable returns for partners to progress and development of broad freedom for employees development platform ; always grasp effectively balance the quality and speed of business development , at every step, ensure business continuity , healthy and stable development !
      Sheng fruit Times Technology Co. ambition lies at the core of this brand with responsibility objectives: if consumers mentioned Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. Fruit era , not just think of the phone for the first time the border , but also think of the " brand" of this concept !
Four: Based on the soul of corporate responsibility
      Soul , not rootless plants, have to have fertile soil. Soul Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a fruit of the times old man spirit, the spirit of Shanxi , the Long March spirit, soul growth that this soil it? Culture ! Culture is the fruit of the times Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. to explore long-term results and precipitation , but also the modern era fruit Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. of the most fertile soil !
      If one of the cultural essence of the era Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. , is the " and ." First, harmony, manufacturers and distributors , enterprises and employees , businesses and consumers , office and home , warm and technology , business and culture, are all harmonious community ; Second, collaboration , that sense of obligation to speak phase , helped by talk , speaking coordinated Confucian Merchants spirit ; Third, integration , do not refuse to compete , not behind closed doors , do not fight the battle alone , to explore innovation , durable Zhiyong service , all inclusive innovation , think globally in order to progress.
      Cultural essence of the fruit Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. II era is the " ritual ." " Quartet etiquette , courtesy line world ," people since ancient times to communicate through reciprocity , and clear connections, express emotion . Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a fruit of the times " reciprocity" to flourish , and also a master of Chinese high-end mobile phone accessories sector of culture and technology . Sheng fruit Times Technology Co., Ltd. Mobile Borders intended to show customers thought, between the client and the community to preach mutual information, the parties express emotion , reflecting both sides understanding, build friendships , hope, trust, explore the bridge. Customers " gift" treatment, Sheng fruit Times Technology Co., Ltd. " gift" with expectations, peer Quartet.
      Three Times the cultural essence of the fruit Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. , "Love ." Family, friendship , love, love the students , teachers and students love, gratitude , love 's eternal love ...... nothing more than feelings, nothing more than pure emotion . In the fast-paced modern society , no matter how you elite, extraordinary, left over right cluster , educated car , as a mountain of wealth , there are always unexpected weariness , loneliness go hand in hand . Therefore, the cultural essence of the fruit of the times Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. , lies in the innovative marketing tools injected purest emotional elements , in no kitsch attitude and timeless melodies to satisfy , to fill people's emotions blank.
V. Epilogue: warmth long , wonderful Yong Chuan
      Mobile phone accessories industry , is one of the most full of culture and human feelings industry , every cell phone accessories businessman, are emotional people . Mobile borders as emotional warmth sent to cohesion and long pass is an ancient emotion.

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