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Shenzhen ChengGuo era technology co., LTD. Hong Kong

      ChengGuo era (Shengo) at Hong Kong mobile phone peripheral products exhibition, the booth space, lead to speculation
      Hong Kong electronics show was in full swing, as the world's largest and one of the most widely influential international electronics show, exhibitors from all over the world gathered in Hong Kong, the consumer electronics giants and new brands have gathered in Hong Kong.Show all kinds of high and new technology products, innovation and production technology.A exhibition vendors pointed out that Hong Kong electronics show is their path to internationalization of the shortest path. HKCEC
      Just the end of the 12 Taiwan electronics is one of the main competitors of the Hong Kong electronics show.Just after the Taiwan exhibitors lu exhibition in Taiwan.Taiwan and Hong Kong electronics show, he thought, have their own advantages, Taiwan electronics is a powerful research and development of science and technology as a support for many years, Taiwan and Hong Kong electronics show is more internationalization, exhibitors and buyers from all over the world, at the same time, and the technology of the latest and the most cheap mainland behind it.
      In recent years, the global economic slowdown, the traditional labor export market for Europe and the United States are suffering from the economic downturn, the focus of the world is gradually transferred to the new development areas.A "Russian amazon," said the retail site OZON. Ru department director Vladimir Samarov, said, it is pointed out that the Russian number of Internet users will be from 2009 in 53.3 million, rose to 2014 in 93.2 million, the growth rate of Internet users around the world, second only to India and China.At present, Russia's online electronics sales accounted for 10% to 15% of the whole, believe that there are still a lot of room to grow.
      Small make up also found a lot more at the exhibition the high-end brands from around the world, one of the most notable is from mainland China shenzhen ChengGuo era technology co., LTD., Beijing -- this is an arts and crafts process symbol image design company, western China ChengGuo in electronics show appear out of the industry insiders expectation, also dare not imagine.And ChengGuo company blank booth for all kinds of imagination on plastic more blurred, mainland China ChengGuo times technology co., LTD. Booth only a few words (ChengGuo product the perfect combination of art and technology) and a future art embodies the framework of the wall.Found ChengGuo with confusion, small make up the booth next to several companies and consulting the situation, in ChengGuo booth is so-and-so software companies in the United States, on the right-hand side of the small make up to find the software company personnel know the situation, the company personnel also feel surprised, they understand, ChengGuo company sales in the United States of product are technological design and luxury goods, basic belongs to the nobles often supplies, and in the electronics show to see the booth is very strange.Small make up about a few companies are almost around the imagination, everyone think ChengGuo likely will be involved in the electronics industry, but are not clear in what form will infiltrate the industry.While many overseas companies worry ChengGuo superior products in the design will cause big influence to the whole industry.
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